Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit: A Working Class Revolt driving Arrogant, Fantasy-World, Bourgeois Leftists Insane

This is becoming more and more clear now.

And now there is a full scale New Labour revolt against Jeremy Corbyn going on as we speak.

If Jeremy Corbyn is smart, he will now (1) come out as strongly anti-EU, (2) purge the Blairite and New Labour scum from the leadership, and (3) finally reject open borders and catastrophic non-EU mass immigration too, and make a massive bid to win back the working class. But I am not holding my breath on (3).

Free Movement of Capital + Open Borders = Neoliberalism

How many times do you have to have it explained to you?

Repeat 10 times before going to bed:

Free Movement of Capital + Open Borders = Neoliberalism.

In extreme form, it would be laissez faire capitalism of the worst type, which Murray Rothbard, in his heyday, would have salivated over.

There is nothing wrong in principle with carefully controlled immigration, and it is a perfectly good left-wing point of view. The current generation of young leftists educated in Postmodernist, regressive left, open borders nonsense needs to understand this ASAP.

Some of our best, most decent and brilliant left-wing politicians understand the truth, but you just haven’t bothered to listen:

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